Getting to the root of market research

Roots Research is a dedicated research
recruitment agency. We source high quality
participants for a range of research discussion.
We provide our clients the time, understanding
and personable approach that effective research
projects demand.
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The need for in-depth interviews…

When it comes to data collection, interviewing is still
the most effective tool in our arsenal. Qualitative
interviewing, when performed correctly, can amass data
that is accurate, structured and relevant to your client’s
field of interest.
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Transcription service…

What’s your definition of a good transcription
agency? At Roots Research, our digital
transcription service comes with a cast-iron
guarantee: we promise that our work will be fast,
accurate and reliable.
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PAPI/CAPI research…

Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing and
Paper-Assisted Personal Interviewing requires a
vast infrastructure in order to be delivered
effectively. Thanks to our nationwide network of
supervisors and interviewers, we can provide a
complete PAPI/CAPI project solution.
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CATI research…

CATI interviewing is one of the most efficient ways of
gathering microdata. At Roots Research, we’re
pleased to offer a comprehensive CATI service in
association with our partner organisations.
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Roots Research are the qualitative recruitment experts. As research
fieldwork specialists, we procure high quality participants for a range of
research discussions. We’re known for our fieldwork experience and project
management skills. Coupled with a genuine love for what we do,
this enables us to deliver on a wide range of projects.
Our services include:

Market Research

We aren’t like other agencies.

We’re known for thinking laterally and devising innovative
ways to tackle research projects. With excellent field
coverage across the UK, we provide a comprehensive
service, including interviews, analysis and recruitment.
It’s a fresh approach to market research.

Our clients, who include full service research agencies
and digital marketers, know they can rely on us to deliver
projects on time – every time. We’re passionate about
our work and relish the challenge of sourcing quality
participants with high attendance levels for research
fieldwork. We’re also fun to work with, as our regular
clients will attest.