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Quality Checks

We’re supersleuths at verifying quality participants

We don’t just find people we think are a good fit for your project.
We make sure they are. Here’s how…

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Whether they find us from a social post or word of mouth, research participants start their journey on our Take Part In Research website. Receiving up to 100 unique registrations a day, that’s a lot of potential participants. But are they all legitimate?


Duplication checks

After registering, our in-house software looks for duplication. It checks email addresses, telephone numbers, postcodes, IP addresses, and usernames. If a duplication is flagged, we unsubscribe both user profiles. That means creating multiple personas is virtually impossible.


Telescreening for each project

If there’s no duplication, we’ve got a new member! But before they can take part in a project, they need to be telescreened. The Roots team probe participants about any past research and double-check the information provided. Friendly and professional, they’re pros at finding people who are honest, engaged, and bang-on brief.


Three-step confirmation for attendance

Next, it’s time for members to take part in the research. Once we’ve selected suitable respondents, we have a rigorous three-step confirmation process to ensure a great attendance rate. This involves an email confirmation, a confirmation and re-screening telephone call 24 to 48 hours prior to research and, finally, a SMS on the day.


Handling cancellations

Of course, there are some situations – such as illness – where participants need to cancel. But we’ll always work hard to keep the impact to a minimum. Once we hear about a cancellation, we respond at lightning speed to find you a replacement from the back-ups we already have in place.


Data driven insights

Whatever research methodologies we use, we’re always driven by data. Quality assurance and our advanced analytics ensure we’re on track throughout the project. We follow the data to adapt and enhance our approach. The end results? Quality insights which have a real impact.

Our accreditation

We’re committed to maintaining quality recruitment.

Roots Research is a member of a number of organisations that ensure we’re delivering work to the highest standards. We’ve even been formally recognised by the Market Research Society (MRS) and Association for Qualitative Research (AQR) via the Recruiter Accreditation Scheme (RAS) for our knowledge, skills and professional competence. Find us on the register here.



accreditation-mrs accreditation-mrsaqr


All our project managers are accredited under the Market Research Society (MRS) Recruiter Accreditation Scheme (RAS). So, you know we’re competent and up to date with all the latest knowledge and skills.

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Data security is our highest priority. With our ISO27001 certification and GPDR compliant enhanced information security processes, you can be confident that – whenever we use, collect, store or send your data – it’s secure.

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Roots Research have been formally recognised by the MRS (Market Research Society) and AQR via the Recruiter Accreditation Scheme for our adherence to the MRS guidelines and to recognise our knowledge, skills and professional competence in research participant recruitment. Find us on the register here

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