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Take Part In Research

Without participants, there’s no research. That’s why Take Part In Research is the ace up our sleeve. Our panel of over 350,000 high-quality members is ready and waiting for the right project to come along. But we aren’t stopping there!

increase350,000+TOTAL PARTICIPANTS increase5,000+INCREASE PER MONTH

Our associated Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts target specific audiences and keep our panel expanding. With well over 15,000 (and counting) followers on Facebook, there’s no slowing down. We can just as easily find a 500-strong panel as hunt down those ‘needle in a haystack’ respondents.


Our coverage

We have a wealth of experience in finding quality research participants from a variety of sectors:


Our panel is packed with passionate consumers who are interested in voicing their opinions.


By recording the vehicle ownership details of every single registered member, we already have it covered with over 100,000 potential participants!


Our specialised B2B panel has over 3,000 business owners and we regularly find all kinds of qualified professionals from our database.

High net worth

Whether it’s respondents on the Sunday Times Rich List or their ‘entourage’ of PAs and chauffeurs, we have high net worth covered from all angles.


We’ve got a wide range of experience in the sensitive area of recruiting medical professionals and people with specific conditions.

Our community

Take Part in Research is more than just a panel. It’s a community.

Regular posts, polls and competitions on our social pages and groups have proved invaluable. We keep the conversation going even when people aren’t involved in a research project.

Making sure our members are active doesn’t just mean they’re ready to go when the right project comes along. Engaged members produce much more valuable insights. And enthusiasm spreads. Our members regularly refer their friends!

Giving Back

Every project helps us fulfil our long-term company objective of giving back. So far, we've donated over £15,000. Choose Roots for your next project and you'll be supporting lots of incredible causes.

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