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From people who have made complaints about offensive language in the media to superfans of TV shows, Roots has found them all, and many more.

We’ve worked with clients on behalf of:

Finance, banking and insurance

We love working with the banking sector, and have previously worked with clients’ own customer lists. Recently we’ve found elderly people about to give up driving in the next 12 months, uncovered people who overspend on their credit card and tracked down participants with high interest savings accounts.

We’ve worked with clients on behalf of:


From assisted shops to taste tests, Roots has found brand loyalists, bargain hunters and people who binge on energy drinks, to name just a few.

We’ve worked with clients on behalf of:

Telecoms and electronics

Previous projects have seen us finding everyone from technophobes and early adopters of smart devices to people who overspend on their tariffs. We’ve also had to track down owners of smartphones with a less than 1% market share.

We’ve worked with clients on behalf of:

Kids and family

Roots recently braved the famously fickle world of playground politics, finding friendship triads of 7-year-olds who love comic books. (Believe us, if we can do that, we can do anything!) We can also organise in-venue games testing for all the family.

We’ve worked with clients on behalf of:


Recent projects include sourcing participants who have booked multi-destination holidays through a travel provider in the last six months, to finding those lucky people who take four cruises a year.

We’ve worked with clients on behalf of:

Recently Arrived

Roots have worked to recruit respondents who have recently arrived in the UK from EU and non EU countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Brazil, South Africa, Nepal, India and China.

This is a challenging area with language barriers to be overcome, as well as cultural differences to consider. In the case of recruiting marginalised sections of society such as asylum seekers, trust can also be an issue. Thanks to our panel, we’ve already built up an extensive database on recently arrived consumers, but we have a number of other ways of reaching out to these types of profiles. Social media platforms, meet-up websites, specialist recruitment partners and community groups have all proved invaluable.

We’ve worked with clients on behalf of:

We work with some brilliant people…

“Roots are one of our preferred recruitment suppliers. They are a responsive, flexible and friendly team who go that extra mile to support us whenever needed. We would highly recommend them, especially for hard-to-reach target customers, for being realistic about what is achievable and for keeping us up-to-date on recruitment progress.”

Deborah Fitzpatrick, MM-Eye Limited

“Roots are our go-to recruitment agency. They are always very responsive and extremely helpful with all the projects I send their way, and work together with us to find the best possible solution for any recruitment issues. I trust them to recruit high-quality participants to spec and to our often tight timelines, even when we have several projects booked out with them at once. They are always quick to respond to any of our queries and have set the standard for any other agencies we might go to. It’s a pleasure to work with them!”

Elizabeth Addison-Smith, Ipsos MORI

“Working with Roots is like a breath of fresh air. They are always available to talk through slightly unusual projects and help to offer solutions to sometimes unconventional recruits. Due to the high quality of recruitment, we have actually reduced the number of over-recruits, as we rarely have a no-show. Roots are diligent and are always keen to hear feedback, to hear how the fieldwork went and find out if there were any issues they can learn from, moving forward. It’s a pleasure to work with them.”

Dr Sarah Jenkins, research director, head of qualitative, Magenta Research

“I’ve been working with Roots Research over the last two years and found them flexible, responsive and reliable. Roots Research helped us to find the ‘hard-to-get’ participant profiles that other recruitment agencies usually struggle with. Participants were always matching our expectations and they happily engaged in one-to-one interviews or group discussions. Our contact Natalie is friendly, professional and has a ‘can-do’ attitude, which makes it a pleasure to work with her.”

Tobias Misera, managing consultant, EY-Seren

“I have worked with Roots for many years and they have always been a pleasure to deal with. They tackle difficult projects with enthusiasm and never fail to deliver within deadlines and to a high level of quality. I recommend them for their commitment and flexibility.”

Celia Callus, Nutcracker Research

“Roots Research are a trusted partner. They have a lot of experience of recruiting for B2B market research, whilst also working in small, consistent teams that provide a dedicated service to customers. They will go the extra mile when it is required, whilst also keeping communications short and focused when things are running smoothly.”

Vincent Golding, SmartSat Consulting

“We have worked with Roots Research for over four years. They are quick at turning around high quality recruitment in hard-to-reach locations, often off the beaten track for typical market research projects, involving on-street as well as database recruitment. They are a professional agency and are consistently able to deliver recruitment at very short notice. They are exceptional at project management, and see the projects through from start to finish. We would highly recommend them.”

Sophie Horrell, CTF Partners

“Shopper research can be fast and furious, and our recruitment requirements are often challenging, demanding highly specific targeting combined with speed. Roots rise to this challenge with enthusiasm.  The team are always keen to fully understand our needs and lend us the benefit of their experience in identifying the best solutions.  What’s more, they are really nice people to deal with, with cool heads and bags of initiative if goalposts shift and adversity strikes!”

Penny Ericson, Shoppercentric

“We have been working with Roots for over two years and are delighted by their highly professional approach to recruitment and research, and their excellent level of customer service. We run global innovation projects for large consumer goods and health care companies who have very demanding standards. It is therefore critical that our research partners are able to deliver a consistent and reliable quality of service to meet the needs of a range of different projects. Roots continue to meet this challenge.”

Michael Simpson, Ideas First LLP

“Roots Research are flexible, responsive and reliable. They provide excellent advice on what is feasible within the time and budget available, and have never failed to deliver on-time and to the specification required. We rely on them to deliver our most challenging briefs and even under pressure, they are always a pleasure to work with.”

Rachel Skevington Britton, research team leader, ComRes

“Roots Research were able to offer me a truly personalised service when I was looking to recruit a very specific range of people for some focus groups and telephone interviews on behalf of a major London museum. I got the impression they truly understood the brief, and I was pleased they weren’t afraid of asking questions when they were unsure. They kept me regularly updated throughout the recruitment process and the quality of participants they provided was excellent – just what I’d asked for.”

Steve Slack, independent heritage consultant

“Working with the team at Roots has been thoroughly refreshing and it’s great to work with people who are as approachable as they are. They do the easy things really well and the harder things even better. I’ve asked them to recruit from automotive qual and quant to FMCG groups – each time I’m impressed by their diligence and can-do attitude, and really appreciate the level of communication and honest feedback they give me.”

Rob Taylor, Morpace

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