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Market Research Recruitment

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Client focus

Your clients are understandably focused on discovering the market value of their products and services. Drawing upon all of our experience and creativity, we’ll ensure that each respondent is suited to your clients’ needs. In sourcing high-quality participants, high attendance levels are assured. This in turns serves to maximise the efficiency of the project.

We are always looking at new ways of finding high-quality, engaged respondents. To do so, we combine a variety of recruitment methods, utilising social media platforms as well as more traditional methods, such as on-street and telephone recruitment. Our comprehensive Business & Public UK-wide database is continually updated, allowing us to match your target demographic and precisely meet your research requirements.

Focus Groups

Focus groups are at the core of good qualitative research. They provide an invaluable means of determining people’s perceptions towards products, services and concepts. This market research technique, based around open discussions in a relaxed environment, is conducive to gaining deep insights into consumer behaviour.

At Roots Research, we recognise the importance of focus groups in helping to refine products and test out new ideas. For a focus group to fulfil its role, it is important that certain criteria are met. To maximise the efficacy of the project, high-quality respondents are required.

We specialise in recruiting respondents of the finest calibre. This ensures high attendance levels are maintained and productive dialogue is initiated. We recruit respondents from a range of socio-demographics to suit the unique demands of each project.

We provide respondents for the following focus groups:

As every market research agency knows, the key to good qualitative research is recruiting motivated, reliable respondents. With the right people in place, the project’s success is all but assured. At Roots Research, we take care of the recruitment process from start to finish, leaving you free to focus on the data.

In-depth Interviews

In-depth interviews are an intrinsic component of qualitative market research. They facilitate the gathering of expert opinions as well as highly-detailed information from consumers. When it comes to analysing competing products and launching new services, in-depth interviews provide an unparalleled level of insight that other methods cannot attain. For B2B research in particular, in-depth interviews are an ideal means of obtaining feedback from experts and business users with specific knowledge of the industry or service involved.

At Roots Research, the in-depth interviews for which we recruit can be grouped into two categories:


Face-to-face interviews are extremely effective because they enable the interviewer to devote their full attention to the participant and build up a rapport. This creates a relaxed environment that encourages genuine, heartfelt responses. With fewer distractions, the participant can devote their full attention to answering the questions that are posed. Face-to-face interviews also provide deeper insights into the research topic. By recruiting high-quality participants for interviews, we ensure high attendance levels and detailed responses.


These follow a similar format, and we focus on recruiting high-quality participants to yield the best possible results. Our professional telephone interviewers are adept at eliciting detailed, genuine responses. Tele-depth interviews are ideal for difficult recruiting projects involving hard-to-reach individuals. Because of the one-to-one nature of tele-depth interviews, they are also suited to eliciting candid responses from participants without peer pressure or other external influences. At Roots Research, our tele-depth interviews are flexible, productive, and cost-effective. When you need detailed information about products and services, in-depth interviews offer the perfect solution.

Product Testing

Product testing is arguably the most important type of market research that any business will conduct. No self-respecting business would consider launching a product without first testing it with consumers and soliciting their feedback.

For product testing to be effective, it needs to be performed consistently and with clearly-defined objectives in mind. Ultimately, the success of the project hinges on the calibre of participants who are recruited for the purposes of product testing.

Suited to you

From taste tests to product design testing, we can supply high-quality participants who will ensure your product is thoroughly evaluated. The importance of securing good participants cannot be overstated. Their feedback will influence the design of your final product and will ultimately dictate its success. Participants need to be able to engage with and relate to the product that they are being asked to evaluate. Our rigorous recruiting methods match highly-motivated participants with relevant products, yielding valuable data that can be analysed and used constructively.

At Roots Research, we can target specific consumer groups according to socio-demographics and brand habits. The sample size can also be configured to suit your project. When it comes to testing, you can count on us to supply the best participants to put your product through its paces.

Online research

Online research is increasingly becoming the preferred tool of marketing research companies. Why? Because it’s cost-effective and is ideal for targeting specific demographics, particularly younger web-savvy consumers. At Roots Research, social media is just one tool we use to conduct online research for our clients.

Online research is suitable for a wide range of qualitative research projects. It’s ideal for engaging respondents quickly and for as short or long a time as is necessary. Even busy consumers can be targeted using online research, including time-pressed professionals, B2B participants and healthcare workers. Online research can also have the added benefit of anonymity, which in some cases can yield responses that are more candid and uninhibited.

Highly motivated

At Roots Research, we specialise in recruiting participants for online research from all demographics and across all sectors. Utilising an array of digital platforms, we can supply highly-motivated participants who will engage with your project and provide invaluable feedback.

Whatever the nature of your project, we can source online participants who are perfectly attuned to your market and whose responses can be analysed quickly and easily. When it comes to online research, you can count on us to provide participants of the highest calibre.

Car Clinics

Car clinics are an effective means of conducting automotive research in a controlled environment. At Roots Research, we have experience running car clinics at approved centres across the country. These grant motoring firms valuable insights into the behaviours and attitudes of key consumer groups.

With access to inner-city and suburban centres, we can arrange car clinics in a location that’s convenient for clients and respondents alike. Dedicated parking is coupled with display facilities where vehicles and equipment can be set up as part of the clinic.

From start to finish

If you require field research that does more than just skim the surface, talk to us about arranging a car clinic. It’s the best way to gather detailed information about consumer preferences within the automotive industry. Our experienced team can handle the project from start to finish, liaising with the client and recruiting high-quality respondents. What’s more, we’re well placed to handle large sample sizes in excess of 100 participants. Tell us your research requirements and we’ll devise a bespoke car clinic to suit.

Hall Tests

Hall tests are an essential part of qualitative research and are used by many of our marketing clients. Hall tests work best when conducted in a controlled, neutral environment where the reactions of participants can be measured. At Roots Research, we recruit participants for hall tests at venues across the country, according to the needs of the client.

When researching a project that is linked to a specific geographical area, for example, a hall test can provide the best means of engaging with the local community and soliciting feedback from respondents who have an interest in the subject.

Respondents can be recruited in the street or in-store before being taken to the venue to complete a test or interview. Over the course of a day, it’s possible to speak to a vast number of respondents and to gather valuable data in the process. This makes hall tests one of the most cost-effective market research methods.

High quality

We specialise in sourcing high-quality respondents for hall tests. Our rigorous recruitment policy guarantees high attendance levels and ensures that each respondent is willing to engage with the interviewer and offer frank responses that are honest and insightful. If you’ve got a specific target audience in mind, ask us about our flexible hall tests. They’re accurate and reliable, as our clients will attest.

User Testing

User testing is an integral stage of launching any new product or service. By giving users input as to how a system should be configured, it can be tailored to suit the precise needs of its target audience. User testing provides a means of measuring a product’s ability to meet the demands of the people who will be using it.

Is it intuitive and easy to use? Are users adopting behaviour patterns that were anticipated by the designer? To answer such questions satisfactorily, you need quality users to test the product and assess its performance. At Roots Research, we’re known for sourcing users who will provide useful feedback regarding the product they have been asked to appraise.

Suited to you

Whether it be a website, mobile app, document or consumer device, we’ll source ideal users to participate in the project. As they engage with the product, the user’s thoughts and impressions can be recorded and invaluable data gathered.

You may require users from a specific demographic, or you may be looking for a diverse cross-section of users from all segments of society. Who is the product targeted at – tech-savvy individuals, or novices? Tell us your goals and we’ll assemble high-calibre users whose responses will help you refine and improve your product. Aided by the superior user group we’ve recruited, you’ll be able to identify errors and areas for improvement. You’ll gain insights into what works – and what doesn’t. With the right sample size made up of the right participants, user testing can provide highly accurate, revealing results. Thanks to our rigorous recruitment policy, your user testing project is sure to pay dividends.

Market Research Panels

Market research panels are only as good as the panellists who are involved. The key to a successful market research panel is having an active panel count to draw upon – one that is rich in both number and diversity.

At Roots Research, our focus is on finding and managing high-quality survey sources. This isn’t just a numbers game, however; for a market research panel to be effective, the available sources must be accurately filtered. This ensures that our clients have access to a diverse range of panel profiles to suit the nature of their project.

Our speciality

Our speciality is connecting full service research agencies and digital marketers with business professionals, consumers, industry experts, and niche demographics. These individuals can then provide feedback on products and services by fully engaging with market research panels.

Who would you like to form your market research panel? From the automotive industry to B2B, we have vast experience of assembling research panels of the highest quality. With reputable panellists on our database, consistent and reliable results are assured.

You create the research project, we’ll recruit the participants, and the data will take care of itself.


Shop-alongs are a qualitative research technique that bridges the gap between client and consumer. Real-time purchasing behaviour can be analysed as the consumer is making critical decisions in a retail environment. At Roots Research, we understand the value of shop-alongs in capturing the natural behaviour of respondents in a real-life environment. By accompanying the respondent as they shop for products, the researcher can question them about their buying decisions, asking relevant questions at each stage of the journey. It is accepted that respondents may not be cognisant of the small details that can influence their shopping patterns. The researcher is perfectly placed to identify these micro-decisions and record the respondent’s behaviour every step of the way.

Suited to you

As the respondent navigates the retail space, a researcher can conduct a one-to-one interview that will provide deep insights into the shopper’s psyche. The participant’s perceptions, attitudes and opinions can be correlated with the products they purchase – as well as those they reject.

When it comes to conducting shop-alongs, we’re known for sourcing high-quality participants from all demographics. Shoppers of a specific type, or who are loyal to a particular brand, can be recruited to suit the needs of the project. What’s more, high attendance levels are assured, with participants screened to ensure that they are right for the project.

We work with some brilliant people…

“At Basis, when it comes to our more challenging recruits, Roots are the only supplier we trust. They’re committed to providing, not just the quantity, but quality of participants we need. From taking the time to understand our objectives to our regular, open communication; Roots work collaboratively so we know we’re on track. Rather than ‘yes people’ who’ll sugar-coat challenges, they’re ‘solutions people’ who’ll work with you to find the best people for even the most specialist brief. When we partner with Roots, our clients can trust us to deliver quality, because we can trust Roots to do the same.”

Lucia Bartlam, Associate Director, Basis Research

“Hana has been excellent throughout the process. Everything has been done in a very timely fashion and all my questions were dealt with very professionally and promptly to keep the project on track. Thank you.”

Melissa Grant, University of Birmingham

“I have worked with Roots on numerous occasions and have always found the project managers to be friendly, approachable and very detail focussed. Communication is great, particularly in terms of expectation setting in advance if a particular group is proving challenging to reach. I would not hesitate to use them again.”

Natasha Hewitt, Pragma

“After finding Roots Research in the Research Buyers Guide in 2017, we’ve built a trusting partnership and they’ve become our go-to recruitment agency. Whilst they are realistic about what’s achievable, they’re willing and determined to recruit the most challenging of specs, and will keep you regularly updated on progress throughout any project. They often use mixed methodology in their recruitment to achieve the best reach, and you can trust them to provide solutions to any difficulties faced. A brilliant team who genuinely care about their clients.”

Mark Rowland, Field Project Manager, Acacia Avenue

“Working with Roots is always great in my experience. The team are friendly and always on the ball.”

Yasmin Rowan, Sutherland Labs

“Roots are one of our preferred recruitment suppliers. They are a responsive, flexible and friendly team who go that extra mile to support us whenever needed. We would highly recommend them, especially for hard-to-reach target customers, for being realistic about what is achievable and for keeping us up-to-date on recruitment progress.”

Deborah Fitzpatrick, MM-Eye Limited

“I have worked with Roots for many years and they have always been a pleasure to deal with. They tackle difficult projects with enthusiasm and never fail to deliver within deadlines and to a high level of quality. I recommend them for their commitment and flexibility.”

Celia Callus, Nutcracker Research

I love it when a project comes together with the minimum stress; the details are returned to me perfectly formatted (ie I don’t have to spend half an hour tidying up a messy spreadsheet!!) I know the participants are going to be good, and everyone at Roots is so lovely … its a genuine pleasure to work with you.

Cathy Kennedy – Greenlight

“Roots Research were able to offer me a truly personalised service when I was looking to recruit a very specific range of people for some focus groups and telephone interviews on behalf of a major London museum. I got the impression they truly understood the brief, and I was pleased they weren’t afraid of asking questions when they were unsure. They kept me regularly updated throughout the recruitment process and the quality of participants they provided was excellent – just what I’d asked for.”

Steve Slack, independent heritage consultant

“I’ve been working with Roots Research over the last two years and found them flexible, responsive and reliable. Roots Research helped us to find the ‘hard-to-get’ participant profiles that other recruitment agencies usually struggle with. Participants were always matching our expectations and they happily engaged in one-to-one interviews or group discussions. Our contact Natalie is friendly, professional and has a ‘can-do’ attitude, which makes it a pleasure to work with her.”

Tobias Misera, managing consultant, EY-Seren

“It was our first time with Roots Research and it was a great experience overall. The project manager communicated updates well and the team met the timescales we needed.”

Alex Cancia, Eunomia

“Roots have worked on a range of recruitment projects, many of which have been with niche audiences and have had detailed recruitment specifications. Roots are always incredibly professional, taking the time to drill down into our requirements and understand the wider purpose of the research to ensure that we get the right participants. They’re also proactive in flagging any potential challenges in the recruitment before sign-off, so we’ve always felt reassured that they will be able to find the right people. Roots are by far the best fieldwork agency I have worked with, I would definitely recommend working with them.”

Juliet Tate, Research Manager, Mediacom

“Shopper research can be fast and furious, and our recruitment requirements are often challenging, demanding highly specific targeting combined with speed. Roots rise to this challenge with enthusiasm.  The team are always keen to fully understand our needs and lend us the benefit of their experience in identifying the best solutions.  What’s more, they are really nice people to deal with, with cool heads and bags of initiative if goalposts shift and adversity strikes!”

Penny Ericson, Shoppercentric

“Roots are our go to recruitment agency for all of our UK based fieldwork because they are extremely reliable, good quality participants, flexible and above all a pleasure to work with. They always keep in good contact with us throughout the running of our projects and strike the right balance between being cautious and confident. They are honest and almost always deliver what and when they say they will and this has led to a great amount of trust. I especially like their willingness to listen to our needs and continually improve the way that we work together.”

Elizabeth Addison-Smith, Senior Project Executive, Ipsos Mori

“Couldn’t be happier. Sophia has project managed multiple projects with us this year and has been excellent throughout. But whoever I deal with at Roots, I always find them responsive, knowledgeable and reliable. Keep up the good work”

Ian Fannon, Claremont Communications

Still not convinced?

Why Roots?
Roots Research have been formally recognised by the MRS (Market Research Society) and AQR via the Recruiter Accreditation Scheme for our adherence to the MRS guidelines and to recognise our knowledge, skills and professional competence in research participant recruitment. Find us on the register here